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About Us


The idea and concept behind Amori & Me first came during the summer of 2020. My sister-in-law was struggling to find a black boy baby doll that my niece so desperately wanted for her birthday that wasn’t a fortune and captured what she wanted, for example, my niece was very clear of the fact that she wanted her new boy doll to have a “willy”. After a long search, she made a purchase through a big online retailer but wasn’t overly happy with the product, nonetheless, it was too late to send back and restart the search in time for my niece’s birthday.

It was then that this triggered a thought in my mind and my search began scouring the internet of retailers to find companies that sell diverse and inclusive dolls. From my findings it was clear to me that there just weren’t enough options of black or biracial dolls for parents who wanted to purchase these for their children for educational and play purposes.

As a parent of two young children, I want them to grow up in a world where they not only see themselves represented in the toys that they play with but that this should be the case and norm for our nieces, nephews, friend’s kids and all children of all races.

As a small business we have initially created a limited range of dolls, but we hope that over time our business will flourish and that we can evolve and grow our collection to be even more inclusive and diverse.